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Biologically Active Constituents

The known biologically-active components in ashwagandha are the following:

  • Alkaloids. For 4000 years plant alkaloids have been used in medicine, teas, and even poisons.13 Ashwagandha alkaloids act as antispasmodic agents in smooth-muscled organs throughout the body (i.e., the heart, uterus, and intestines).14
  • Steroidal lactones. Ashwagandha’s steroidal lactones (withanolides and withaferins) have anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, immuno-modulatory, and antioxidant effects.14 Withaferin A has been found in both roots and leaves, and studies have shown it has potent anti-cancer properties.15
  • Saponins. Known for their distinct ability to create foam, saponins are bitter plant glycosides. They are found in many foods and plants, including oats and spinach, and are known diuretics, emetics, and expectorants.16
  • Iron. One of the most abundant of the planet’s metals, iron plays an important part in the structure of key proteins and enzymes in our bodies. It is needed for cell growth, oxygen transport, overall energy levels, and strong immunity to disease.17 Small scale human studies have shown that the high amounts of iron in ashwagandha may improve hemoglobin and red blood cell counts in adults, as well as promote growth in children.4
  • Choline. Ashwagandha root also contains choline, a substance in acetylcholine, one of the brain’s neurotransmitters that play a role in cognition and memory.18

Strikingly similar to the active constituents of ginseng, many of these components are associated with increased overall energy, improved sexual function, and greater longevity. And yet unlike ginseng, which is a known stimulant, ashwagandha has the added benefit of being a mood-stabilizer and a mild sedative (the Latin name somnifera means sleep inducer). In a world where many of suffer from chronic anxiety and over-stimulation, this herb offers a welcome balance between overall energetic support while calming the nervous system.6,19

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Substance that promotes increased urine, can help eliminate excess
body fluids.
Substance that can induce vomiting.
Substance that thins mucous in the respiratory tract,
allowing easier elimination.