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An Herbal Remedy for Gastric Ulcers

Studies suggest that ashwagandha could be a natural herbal remedy for ulcers. Gastric ulcers are sores that can develop from damage to the mucosal stomach lining from Helicobacter pylori bacteria or medications (e.g., pain relievers). Stress—both psychological and physical—can also increase the risk of ulcers.76

Pharmaceutical drugs used to effectively treat ulcers work by one of three methods:77

  • reducing the amount of acid secreted in the stomach
  • increasing secretions that counteract the acid levels (and balance the pH)
  • act as physical protective barriers of the lining

However, these drugs require continued use that may lead to adverse side effects. Herbal remedies such as ashwagandha may be a safer alternative.77

How Does it Work?

In addition to reducing gastric acid secretions, ashwagandha can help regulate and boost antioxidant levels. Since increased levels of free radicals are associated with ulcers, researchers suggest that these herbs may actually help prevent ulcers from developing.77

Evidence of Benefit

Animal studies show that ashwagandha by itself or in combination with other herbs reduces the levels of gastric acid in the stomach comparable to or better than pharmaceutical drugs such as Zantac® and Prilosec®. In addition, significantly higher antioxidant levels were noted.76-77

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