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A Natural Herbal Fertility Pill

Results of a clinical study show ashwagandha can improve male fertility.

According to results from a recently published study, ashwagandha's proven stress-relieving and antioxidant properties can help treat male infertility. Most inability to conceive attributable to men is caused by low sperm count and poor sperm health. In those cases with poor sperm health, psychological stress and physical stressors (e.g., infections, pollutants, smoking) trigger production of free radicals that damage sperm.54

A clinical study involving 60 men with stress-induced infertility (from cigarette smoking and psychological stress) demonstrated that ashwagandha treatment resulted in substantial increases in testosterone, decreases in cortisol levels and free radical activity, and improvements in sperm health. These effects resulted in a pregnancy success rate of 10-15%—a significant improvement in fertility.54

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