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Natural Herbal Beauty with Ashwagandha

Traditional medicine has often incorporated the use of herbs for skin and hair care. Some of these historical and traditional practices still in use today claim that ashwagandha can help:

  • Boost the bust line. A combination of powdered ashwagandha root along with other herbs was mixed with butter and massaged into the breasts to promote firmness and increased size.81 Herbal massage oil commercially produced by Everest Herbal Remedies in India called Kosmo Breastup Oil contains 5% ashwagandha in a sesame oil base.78 Recommended usage directions are to use one teaspoon for 10-15 minutes of massage each night for tighter, firmer breasts reportedly in 20-25 days.78
  • Banish grey hair. People in rural India rub powdered ashwagandha leaf into their hair to keep their original hair color and prevent grey hair.82

While these cosmetic health claims for ashwagandha may seem outlandish or far-fetched, they may actually have some scientific merit. Research has shown that ashwagandha can stimulate production of the female hormone estrogen, and in a clinical trial one of the effects noticed in those who took ashwagandha was a re-pigmentation of grey hair.24

As people look for natural and safe products in a healthy lifestyle, many are choosing those that incorporate beneficial herbs. Ashwagandha’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, or hormone-stabilizing properties may be able to contribute healthy attributes to natural hair and skin care products, including helping to counteract the effects of aging on both skin and hair.45,72,83

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